Ability Business Practices

"Ability’s consistency of approach ensures sustainable performance and long-term value creation."

An organization with outstanding performances and positive contribution to economic, social and environmental development is result of combined efforts and positive behavior with high standards and values of everyone at every level.

Our corporate responsibility defines the way we operate to ensure consistency of approach, essential for sustainable performance and long-term value creation.

We believe & value our highest standard of safety, efficiency, reliability and environmental performance, with utmost integrity in all our relationships, including zero tolerance for corruption.

Ability’s commitment to be a socially responsible company reinforces it to provide safe and secure working environment, and to comply with all environmental regulations and respecting human rights “treating people with respect, equality and dignity.”

At Ability we not just believe in continuous effort in improving our integration into every aspect of our operations but also in our social and environmental responsibilities, delivering to Ability’s hallmark of “nature & its environment”.

The standard policies set out herein; is the fundamental framework developed to support performance and implementation of Ability’s Policies, ensuring safe and sustainable management of its impact on the environment and local communities, detailing out guidelines for social performance and social development.

It is Ability’s dedication to ensure that our surrounding communities benefit from our presence on an enduring basis and benefit from our support of human rights within areas of our influence.