Ability Environment Policy

"Ability is committed to ensure healthy & safe working environment and implement environmental rules ensuring the waters on which its vessels operate are safe and protected from pollution."

Ability and its Management are fully committed to ensure that effective environmental management is practiced. Safeguarding all necessary procedures are applied to prevent pollution of the environment reducing to as low as attainable impacts and risks connected to natural environment. And apply any corrections to any conditions perceived to be unsafe, dangerous and hazardous to the environment on board or to our waters.

It is our commitment to comply with all mandatory rules & regulations applicable relating to Ability’s environmental management and strive where practicable to excel regulatory requirements. Creating healthy & safe working environment for employees and implementing environmental regulations.

It is our conviction that early identification of environmental risk and its early alleviation can prevent schedule delays and improve cost proficiency of operations, to observe such procedures on continual basis & practice environmental protection we strive to put our employees through regular and vigorous training and education.

It is our objective and target to implement environmental protection procedures to minimize operational impact on nature by minimizing waste, emissions and discharges and its impact on biodiversity by using energy efficiently. Effective environmental management builds strong relationships and generates better revenues.

Address pollution incidents resulting from operations quickly and effectively in cooperation with authorized government agencies and industry organizations. And support safety & environmental initiatives with shipping industry organizations with objective of developing procedures to minimize the shipping industry's impact on nature and its environment.

These procedures facilitate growth; protect long-term sustainability of our assets, environmental performance and value creation of business as well as environment.