Ability Health & Safety Policy

"At Ability, protecting the health of our employees is our top priority and we endeavor to reduce health impacts of our operations on our people."

Ability observes its commitment in providing healthy & safe working environment to all its employees at every phase of its operations, to ensure that all its operations comply with mandatory rules and regulations, guidelines and industry codes with highest standards.

We observe that with sincere attitude attention is paid to new legislation that is identified and is relevant to the environmental aspects of Ability’s operations. Ability provides extensive training to its personnel, empowering them to efficiently apply operational procedures in environmentally responsible manner.

Ability is dedicated at providing essential resources to allow its Ship Managers to establish and maintain high environmental performances and health & safety standards.

Regular monitoring is observed throughout operations to measure and detect any inconsistencies and implement corrective measures to reduce their impacts on human life and its surroundings.

This consistent methodology enables us to evaluate impact on our employee’s working environment and empowers us to apply counteractive procedures.

Ability thrives on the challenge to excel in quality of health and safety of its people and its dedication and determination is the cornerstone for achieving superior profits.