Ability Gas Concessions

"Natural gas resources*, exploration and development onshore and near shore."

The panorama of East African countries becoming LNG exporting nations has drawn attention of the world to this part of the continent, especially of the LNG buyers as an opportune alternative.

Ability Energy is currently at an advance level of negotiations with an East African upstream and midstream Resource Company for a considerable shareholding in its gas concessions. The completion of this prospective transaction will enable Ability to become:

• Shareholder of natural gas reserves and producer of prospective natural gas resources

• Process its own gas and own pipeline assets.

• Large-scale gas monetization (under-development) projects.

• Active exploration and development of ongoing natural gas onshore and near shore drilling programs and evaluation for new discoveries.

• Ability to produce and sell incremental gas.

*Ability Energy is in negotiations for these Prospective Natural Gas Resources.