Ability Spot Trading

"Ability’s knowledge & experience has enhanced its capability to identify and analyze new developments for prudent decisions in LNG spot trade."

At Ability spot and short-term trade is bridging the gap caused by supply shortages in today’s expanding LNG demand. LNG has been acknowledged in the current market as a traded commodity with market player’s confidence in its spot trade.

Other factors creating fluctuations in demand and supply are influenced by weather conditions, growing power supplies and alternate for clean, safe and cost efficient energy fuel.

LNG trading requires extensive knowledge and strong relations in its complete supply chain from extraction, transportation, storage and re-gasification along with markets trends and skills for long and short-term sale and purchase agreements.

The major spot purchase in last couple of years was mostly by Northwest Europe (in particular UK) and by Asian countries. Especially Japan post Fukushima, which paralyzed several of its nuclear power plants. And Korea, mainly for heating during winter months has been a main participant in short-term and spot market.

Japan becoming the largest LNG spot purchaser in the region driving the price of LNG spot trade, where it has put developing countries under pressure to revalue their LNG spot cargo importing plans.

Ability has exhibited a healthy growth in LNG spot trade, transacting in variety of trading models including brokered trades, multiple and single cargo sales with its major share in Asia pacific region.

Ability’s extensive knowledge & experience has enhanced its capability and ability to identify, recognize, analyze and evaluate risks and profits in LNG developing market for better trade deals.