Ability LNG Trading.

"Natural gas is not just an alteration to existing energy sources it is the energy of the future, the way forward."

Ability’s understanding of LNG trade dynamics across the global energy markets, has established it with powerful insights of trading the downstream natural gas and flow of LNG demand.

Customize solutions for LNG logistics with flexible and reliable transportation service, with focus on punctuality, strategic, long-term alliances enables to explore new opportunities and area of growth.

Spot buying & short-term market of LNG market has increased exponentially over the last decade, becoming 20% of global LNG market. The deregulation of European Gas established market for free LNG trading.

Traditionally LNG sales were monopoly of liquefaction plants consortiums and were symbolized by large-scale point-to-point transactions.

“According to a recent paper published by Poten & Partners, short-term LNG trade volumes are projected to increase at an average rate of 11 per cent per annum for the period up to 2015.”

“This growth rate is higher than the total growth rate for the LNG market, which British Petroleum estimates will be 7 per cent per annum; thus the proportion of short-term LNG trades is set to grow.”

With ability’s acknowledged expertise in trading, we provide access to wholesale market of upstream producers as well as downstream customers along with our extensive knowledge and strong relations.