Ability Anti Corruption & Bribery Policy

"All business transactions are conducted transparently and fairly with dignity and integrity, as acts of corruption and bribery are highly condemned at Ability."

Ability’s reputation for honesty, integrity, transparency and fair dealing, dedication in sustaining highest standard of safety, efficiency, reliability, environmental performance, quality and cost proficiency has maintained its trust, reliance and confidence.

Our strongest belief to conduct business is of trust, predominantly in handling sensitive and confidential information. We work to the highest ethical standards with transparency, honesty, abiding laws in an ethical manner in all our transactions with national, regional and local authorities and/or our partners.

All our business transactions are conducted transparently and appropriate records are maintained to validate this. Acts of corruption and bribery are highly condemned at Ability. We are committed to and expect the same from our employees to act professionally, fairly and with dignity and integrity in all business dealings and relationships.

Corruption and Bribery are punishable for individuals committing a relevant offence and the individual could face severe consequences that could include imprisonment, fines and damage of reputation.

Ability aims to be transparent and fair in treatment of all organizations that intent to source us with goods and/or services, Ability encourages fair and transparent competition while pursuing value for money.

Acceptance of bribes is highly discouraged and dejected at ability, in any custom or forms.

Ability employees should always act on good faith, fair and transparent basis, enter into commitments that are feasible to be met, fulfilling our obligations, never mislead people, avoid situations of conflict of private interests with our business objectives, never participate in corrupt business practices, and treat people with merit and respect.

Ability imposes this policy to both its onshore and onboard employees.