Ability Quality Policy

"Ability’s greatest strength; its focus on people, technology and quality ."

At Ability the quality of its operations, the health and safety of its employees and protection of our environment remains the fundamental philosophy integrated in its operations.

Ability is dedicated to excel with excellence; our approach with consistency for sustainable performance and long-term value creation, transparency and quality brings us long-term business success.

Ability recognizes importance of sustaining highest standard of safety, efficiency, reliability, environmental performance, quality and cost proficiency. Our dedication, values, conduct and behavior underpin our commitment to technology and quality, allows further development and to optimize our performance, quality and yet generate high revenues.

To ensure quality, objectives can be achieved by continuous monitoring of all aspects of operations, identifying potential problems and adapting effective measures. Ability is committed to transport LNG with safety, efficiency with reliability, cost proficiency and quality while ensuring effective and efficient compliance with prevailing statutory and regulatory requirements.

We strive to maintain trust, confidence and continually improve quality while protecting people and nature and its environment.